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The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge.

And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

Proverbs 18:15 NKJV

Click each link to see a brief description and our current officers

Sunday School
Sunday Sch

This ministry is charged with the responsibility of providing for the growth of Christian character and the development of leadership within the church.

Deacon Bill Haggerty - Superintendent

Deacon Lewis Harris - Asst. Superintendent

Deacon Archie Tisby - Asst. Superintendent

Fredrick Douglas - Bell Ringer

Christian Education
Christian Edu

This ministry furnishes leadership to the total church education program. They provide assistance to church program leaders in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive ministry of Christian education in support of the church's mission and objective.

​Evelyn Tapo - Director

Niccie Johnson - Co Director

Robert Henderson

Youth and Young Adults

This ministry provides and presides over the planning, coordinating, directing and evaluation of the children and youth of the church. They design and implement spiritual training, service opportunities and recreational activities.

Deacon Anthony Robinson - Advisor/Liaison

Danielle Robinson - Director YPM/YAM

Malinda Rogers - Asst. Director Children

Audrey Tisby - Asst. Director Youth

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